Saturday, June 12, 2010

**FEATURED Author Of The Year** 2010** Author SAM MOFFIE

Author of:   "NO MAD"   5 Star REVIEW

Author of:     "THE ORGAN GRINDER and THE MONKEY      5 Star REVIEW

Author of:       "THE BOOK OF ELI"      5 Star REVIEW


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"THE BOOK OF ELI" is Sam Moffie's fourth novel. The other three have won numerous awards
and received glowing reviews. Sam Moffie has the ability and remarkable talent to create a story that every reader can identify with, feel empathy for, and be entertained by. He enjoys writing fantasy and fiction, and his books are emotionally powerful, and smashingly effective. His story-telling is astonishing, interesting, and unpredictable. The author's writing style is tell-it-like-it-is
as he creates a Masterpiece, which becomes a well crafted page turner within each story. "THE BOOK OF ELI" is a triumph, and delightful. "THE ORGAN GRINDER and THE MONKEY" is unique, filled with humor, and intelligent. With perfection, the author weaves the lives of three characters into an outrageous, humerous story in non-stop action. This novel is packed with emotion, while the reader becomes addicted with Sam Moffie's refreshing, distinctive, and entertaining voice. "NO MAD" is filled with raw humor, thought-provoking, and is unique. Sam Moffie is a knowledgeable observer, and has the ability to move from one character's story to another, without missing a beat. His engaging and conversational style pulls the reader in immediately as he fascinates and captivates, making the reader crave for more. Sam Moffie's character development is strong, and his writing is clever, and perceptive.

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