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***Author JEFFREY B. ALLEN*** FEATURED For 2009**


Genre: Adult/Adolescent/ Fantasy ( second edition

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Jeffrey taught Industrial Arts at Milford Middle School for two years, after graduating from Millersville University. He enjoyed teaching, and the students.
However, after two years, he realized his calling was elsewhere. He started his
own architectural woodworking company in 1982. Jeffrey found his true love in woodworking. His company prospered for twenty-six years, before he sold it in 2007. Several years prior to selling his company, he began to write with the serious
intention of completing his first novel. "I had no idea, when I set out to write a novel, what a daunting task it would be. It took me four years of writing, no less than four to five hours per day." In 2008, his first novel, "GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND" was completed, then published. The second edition was just released in
hard-cover by Strategic Publishing of New York. "I call the genre of my writing,
social-relevant fantasy." Jeffrey's goal is to tell a fantastic story that adolescents and adults can enjoy, one that conveys a relevant message that relates to current
social issues.


Scott Douglas of Rutgers University

"With its poignant theme of family abuse, the story proves that the strength of the human spirit can overcome all odds. Jeffrey B. Allen takes his readers on a fantastic journey into the Land, a place where reality blends into fantasy."

Darlene Wenhold, Milford Middle School teacher

"Jeffrey B. Allen hooked me into this fantastical tale with his vivid description of the 'beast' as seen through the eyes of young John Greber. There is of course, more to the 'beast' than meets the eye! As Allen's tale of good-versus-evil unfolded before me, I found myself willingly traveling along with his charismatic characters into the lands of sweets, bringing back so many wonderful sensory memories of my childhood. There is a real depth to this story, it can be appreciated on a variety of levels. GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND is a book you will want to read more than once."

Author A.F. Stewart

"There is a faint dream-like quality to this book. GONEAWAY INTO THE LAND is a captivating book, with a creative narrative that quietly lures a reader into an original world that is fully realized and thoroughly absorbing. It transcends into a superb piece of fiction, and I recommend it highly."

Author Sigrid Macdonald

"I LOVED THIS BOOK. Jeffrey Allen has a wonderful talent for descriptive passages. I was entranced by GONEAWAY, the wonderful concoctions, the comical and magical characters and the depth of the story itself. A must read."

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